The hotel Marceillac

Some places are to be crossed and other ones are to be explored. Some places are to be invested and other ones are to be carefully prepared for the traveller.

A few seconds after pushing the door, in a severe street of Castelsarrasin, you get a glimpse of the spirit of the place in that outstanding house.

Its is a quiet house with soft colours under the big glass roof within reach of the sky, old furniture in each room and the balanced cast ironed banister.

In that place, as Jacques Brel used to say :"time elapses" for those who lay their suitcases.
This peaceful family house is inkeeping with a touch of discretion and aloofness which is elegance.

Discretion, aloofness, elegance are enhanced by the large stairs reaching gradually up to the floors.
For any guest, the sky, through the glass roof reminds him of eternity.

In such an harmonious place, silence is at a premium.